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Balancing the Flexors and Extensors (Moshe ATM5)
Brent Shaub
This classic facilitates the rotation and lengthening of the spine. It's done lying on the back and in coordination with breath, an often calming rhythm. Standing before and after shows results.
Feet and Whole Body
Ralph Hadden
Lengthening in the Low Back
Joanna deBurgh
Pearls on a String
Brent Shaub
Lying on back, then raising the spine, experimenting with movements of the pelvis to free low back and hip tension. May also improve symmetry of the shoulder blades and spine.
Shoulder Hip Foot
Bob Chapra
Shoulder Hip Sternum string
Bob Chapra
Visualizations of the shoulder, hip and sternum and strings which pull from various places. A calm, gentle lesson rich with opportunity to explore internal sensation.
Spine Like Pearls
Bob Chapra

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