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Baby-Bend Knees, Elbows
Ralph Hadden
Feet and Whole Body
Ralph Hadden
Gravity is my Friend
Jenni Evans
Gentle, guided movements of exploring the legs relationship to gravity when laying on the back. Restorative and informative.
Pelvic Clock
Brent Shaub
Lying on the surface of an imaginary clock, tracing the hours to clarifying the hip joints and lower back.
Rolling to Side Sit
Brent Shaub
Using the momentum of the pelvis and spinal column when rolling to the side whilst holding the lower leg to lengthen the leg and end up side-sitting. A bit complex in the description of the movements
Standing Feet
Bob Chapra
Exploring different ways the feet make contact with the ground in standing, sitting and lying on the back.
Tilting Legs with Arm Push
Brent Shaub
Lying on stomach, knees bent, feet touching and turning them to one side. After some time, integrating this with an arm to push on the floor and facilitate rolling. Addresses the entire spine.

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