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Abdominal Control
Joanna deBurgh
(Thanks to Julie Peck)
Accordion Roll
Ralph Hadden
Fun, pleasant, relaxing. Simple lesson, hold knees, roll side to side.
Essential Back #1
Daily 5-Minute Back Care
Ralph Hadden
At completion of a Back workshop I taught this series of moves which can make a nice 5-minute daily loosen-up. (Takes about 9 minutes to learn, but becomes a 5-minute routine.)
Essential Back #2
Embroyic Movements
Bob Chapra
Tiny movements of the fingers, toes and mouth resembling an infant's first movements.
Flexing to Roll
Brent Shaub
A challenging lesson lying on the back building to use momentum when tipping to the side to end in side-sitting. Ideal for beginners to learn about themselves and experts to enjoy the flowing glide.
Mind Your Own Business -- Giving Up Resistance (1 of 2)
Gerald Sullivan
The process of softening the back awakens us to the experience of allowing rather than resisting. Assists in releasing insecurity and fear moving towards an experience of trusting and allowing.
Pelvic clock variation
Joanna deBurgh
Shorten and lengthen the sides in side lying
Rolling Lesson
Joanna deBurgh
Rolling to Side Sit
Brent Shaub
Using the momentum of the pelvis and spinal column when rolling to the side whilst holding the lower leg to lengthen the leg and end up side-sitting. A bit complex in the description of the movements
Rotation Coordination
Bob Chapra
Shoulder Hip Foot
Bob Chapra
Shoulder Hip Sternum string
Bob Chapra
Visualizations of the shoulder, hip and sternum and strings which pull from various places. A calm, gentle lesson rich with opportunity to explore internal sensation.
Shoulder Work
Joanna deBurgh
Side Bend
Ralph Hadden
Essential Back #4
Sweep Arms
Ralph Hadden
Thread Imaging
Bob Chapra
Visualizations of threads pulling on different aspects of the spine. A highly internal lesson with subtle movements rich in detail.

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