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Abdominal Control
Joanna deBurgh
(Thanks to Julie Peck)
Ankle Clarity
Ralph Hadden
AY303: A Ball That Rolls
Brent Shaub
A visualisation lesson that can help clarify the self image of the back of a leg, arm and in-between.
AY305: Continued Visualizations of a Ball that Rolls
Brent Shaub
Lying on the stomach and having a ball comb through various parts of the legs and torso to bring clarity and new information to parts of yourself that are often overlooked in daily life.
Balancing the Front Muscles & the Back Muscles
Joanna deBurgh
Coordinate Feet and Toes
Ralph Hadden
Leg and toe work
Joanna deBurgh
Pull Yourself Together -- From Fragmentation to Wholeness (2 of 2)
Gerald Sullivan
Inviting all areas of the body to work in unison brings about a more harmonious whole body function, which promotes a focused, entered self-perception. Connectedness, completion and wholeness. Part 2
Tilting Legs with Arm Push
Brent Shaub
Lying on stomach, knees bent, feet touching and turning them to one side. After some time, integrating this with an arm to push on the floor and facilitate rolling. Addresses the entire spine.
Variation on the Three Diaphragms
Joanna deBurgh

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